My roommate thinks this is cute but I think it is corny.

My roommate thinks this is cute but I think it is corny.

Photo Set

Fellini’s on Carrollton sent us some moldy cake


Fuck yeah, donuts


oh god you are addicting, and I could forgo the orgasms in all actuality and yes I am a Piscium telling you that and reading your mind at the same time. which do you believe?

fuck that shit come to me let me paint your face with my nut
August 12th, 1:25pm

come to me

if you do it will probably start raining lol

for real though you have to give me some advice on Daniel


why did you speak english to me in your house though
August 13th, 7:40am

and why do not you follow me on twitter?

I be favoritng all your shit LOL

I just be like Colette you do not have to be depressed I kind of just want to give you orgasms and control your brain amonst

we could probably build a pyramid on the lake

well you are not fair I owe you hair pulls and ganja

but see you would have to come to me this time.

I can not like any of your pictures with Facebook Exporter for iPhoto

Even though clearly I want to like them all

ugh that shit is addicting, but I like it

what is your number I want to talk to you
August 29th, 8:57pm

so you are totally not going to be my fb friend again? come on now Libra-Scorpius be nice lol
August 30th, 12:35am

well it is nice to look at you though at least sooo besides I am the Piscium and can read minds lol
22 hours ago

oh god why are you not a Scorpius

what’s your number though so I can call and tell you how awesome you are
9 hours ago

why be a cunt?

for real I just wanted to fuck you, you do too much and the only things that can deal with you are your cats obviously

what are you so mad for anyway, and it was all on you to act stupid

but yes I have a woman, her mom is probably a witch and will burn down all of your shit, so do not fuck around with me I just really needed some head that day I was there but you turned out to be simple as fuck, that is on you and besides you know I am extremely intelligent and educated but you acting the way you do is unjustified, I probably could not even fit inside you anyway do not talk stupid to me

I see why the fuck you got divorced and shit, I just wanted to use your pussy and you did as much as you could

for no reason even, I just wanted to smoke with you even and you told me to come over it was not that imperative that I made it by you like fuck you though you have a sad fucking life

but if you want your life to be better you should fuck with me. fucking divorcee and shit I just wanted to fuck you in the ass

I mean for real you all old and shit like fuck out of here you might have some intelligence but then hell nah fuck you and your mom right up the ass for being a bitch

I hope that bitch dies soon

even so I do not even talk to people like this but you are a fucking stupid cunt bitch for not eating my dick that day I carried your cat litter I should have cut their fucking heads off, and I like animals lol

so why did you tell me to come to your house and then was not naked when I got there and then did not suck my dick the rest of the day?

I really loathe when bitches act stupid like that though, especially for no reason it is not like you have anything other than a pussy that I would ever hunger for, fuck your mind, my intellect is twice your at the least, I have degrees to prove it.

crazy bitch I’m bout to report your ass to Okcupid so they can block you on there and twitter since that is your entire fucking life


Hey hey it’s a great day


My roommate got me a cake!!